Hex Esprit album

Hex Esprit is an expanding album of music by Autofonic. All tracks that are released will become part of this album.

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Autofonic - Hex Esprit (digital download) : $6.00

Track Listings

1. Bitches Love Laserbeams
2. Wreckage
3. Bubble Bobble
4. Flight of the Robots
5. One Missed Call - Free Halloween Music
6. Spin Cycle Satisfaction
7. Coming to get you Barbara!
8. Still Alive (remix of The Portal Song)
9. Thing on a Spring
10. I saw Jimi Hendrix at Tescos (asparagus mix)
11. Freak of the Week
12. Digital Gods
13. Funk Soup
14. Stuck in an Elevator
15. Interstellar
16. Oh my God it's full of wires!
17. Neuromantik
18. Virtuality
19. Uncanny Valley
20. Computer Music: The Glorious Beep
21. Pong
22. Soul Breakin
23. Electrobotic Funkomatic
24. Robot Girls
25. Bluegrass My Ass
26. Apollo 11
27. Jesus Wants Me for a Laserbeam
28. Daleks Destroy!
29. Big Brother Theme Tune
30. Get up pt.1
31. Get up pt.2
32. Long Distance Robot
33. I'm Annoyed
34. Trip to the Moon
35. Daft Popwerk
36. Counting Sheep


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